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    Inside detailing

  • Vacuming of floor mats, seats, sideboards and luggage compartment.

  • Cleaning of seats, carpets and  storage spaces

  • Cleaning of the boot incl. spare tyre space

  • Detailed cleaning of all inside plastik parts. vents and instrument clusters and dashboard.

  • Detailing and conservation of all plastics and sideboards using cleaning solutions, steam and polishes to the amount of shine of your liking.

  • Cleaning and protecting of all glass surfaces.

  • Cleaning and protecting of door inlays and rubber seals

  • Thorough washing of all seat textiles (taking possible seatheating into consideration), headrests, carpets and doorcards aswell as headliner. Or

  • Cleaning of entire leather interior. We also can recolour and repair worn leather. Poa.

  • Cleaning of all floormatts whether textile or rubber.

     Outside detailing
  • Handwash using 2-bucket technique

  • Removal of road dirt like tar, tree sap etc.

  • Washing of doorsills and joints (*)

  • Washing and waxing of alloý wheels (*),

  • Engine detailing (*),

  • Machine polishing of paint with compound + wax/sealant.

  • Possible ceramic/nano coating (poa)

  • Cleaning and protecting of plastics and rubber seals.

  • Cleaning and protecting of all glass surfaces

  • Final wash and drying.

    (*)= if really dirty then this needs to be negotiated seperately as very time consuming

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