Outside wash by hand

includes pre-foam wash and then "2-bucket wash" technique which avoids scratching.
+ Allow wheel cleaning
+ Insect, tar, tree sap removal.

+ Door inner frame cleaning

+ Drying off

Price 25€


Outside detailing using wax/polish

As above but the the paint is protected with a polish or wax.

Price + 25€


Machine polish of paint surface

from 135€ ( this greatly depends on the condition of the paint surface which must be seen first for a more accurate price to be given, there is no way around this..)

 Sealant or ceramic coating to give a long lasting protection. POA


Vacuming of the entire interior
This includes,
+Dashboard and consoles
+Air vents
+Luggage department
+Instrument clusters
+Plastic parts
+Door cards
+Cleaning of windows

Price 25€


Inside extended

As above but here we additionally steamclean the seats and carpets

Price + 25€

Repair leather interior (PoA)
Redyeing of interior leather (PoA)

Special requests:
Detailing to the leather interior.
This includes cleaning and repair of scuffs, scratces and tears aswell as dyeing and recolouring. Again estimates can only be given if the car can be seen but he repair of a worn out drivers side bolster would typically cost no more than between 50- 100 euros.
Repolishing of faded out headlights.
Here we sand down the headlight plexi-glass and not only polish them but give them a UV pretecting coat so that they will not look the same in a couple of months. This typically costs about 25€ per headlight.
Installing of Led lights inside and outside of the car.  Here we replace all the interior halogen lights  with leds to give your car a more modern look. Also the registration plate aswell as headlights can be changed in most cars.